Through The Light Years

Photography by Chrissy Ennist

We point our radio telescopes

Up into the heavens

Poking our ears into

The mufflers of galaxies

Hoping to find rhythm….of

The thumping imperceptible

Voodoo chant of God or

At least a steamy pagan planet

With a crack of ice gone liquid

A mosquito caught in flight

The scraping of a single cell


Are the days gone?….When

We used to look at the stars

Arranging light to fit our myths

Pulling them down to Earth

Making them into shapes

Improvising our reality…to fit

A romantic stroll under

Millions and billions of years

Funny,,,,,The word year

Is so damn human of us

Has always made me wonder

Who is shaping who?




Sounds aren’t the only player.

We still watch

With screen and computation

At the gravitational tug

Between sun and satellite.

Rules are applied

We build theories, myths

Pulling the dance down to Earth

Hoping to find a solar system

Between creation and apocalypse

Where Zeus still throws lightning

Bolts with no worries attached

So, that we can continue

To shape the universe…and

Preserve our romantic stroll

Through the light years


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