All Is Quiet On The Western Storefront


This storefront is a magnet

For the rambunctious

Who fly in through the front doors

Like grenades from the streets

Skidding onto the worn carpet.

Exploding in various ways

Usually as a question

“Can I charge my phone?”

I direct them to the nearest socket.

Today there were four of them

I gave them names

Trump, Hilary, Berne, and Cruz


They leave their phone unattended for hours

Blending in with the chaos

Talking of various things that make sense to some

Looking around in a daze as conversation

Continues, unabated … paying no attention to the array

Of products strewn about

Too easy for the taking

As if they are familiar with being strewn about.

Unfortunately, I am in charge of selling

Strewn abouts. The four must be watched, carefully


Then, knowing they are part of my surveillance,

The fab four move outdoors

I can see them through the large storefront windows

As if I’m watching a large screen television

Their lips move, I’m trying to read them

Their mouths have a frightened,

Worried look of importance

Desperate-like, they are in need of something


There must be some sort of business or war

Being conducted by them

That’s why the phone is left alone.

Ahh, they are multitaskers, I think

And when they come back to retrieve the phone

They ignore it…and

Ask me how much money

Can someone get for an object.

This object could be anything

That appears to have a semblance of value.

Sweat pours down their forehead

Their hands shake


These objects of business and war take shape

They ask “Interested in a gold chain?”

Or “I found this I Pad”  Or…

“This is an original poster from the sixties”

“This ring belonged to my mother.”

“Do you need a guitar pedal?” 

“How about an effects rack?”

I tell them this is a record store

And by a magic that only they possess

The objects change form

“I have the very first Beatles’ record”

“My uncle has all the Elvis records.

How much are they worth?”


I believe that the rambunctious

Have a magic

They can change solid objects

Ideas, questions and answers

Into different forms, instantly.

This is an important gift

With business or war

And as the one elected to

Take care of the phone

Unplugs it from the wall,

They are off to retrieve

Elvis and the Beatles

21 Comments on “All Is Quiet On The Western Storefront

  1. WOW, this is incredible. My fave line is “As if they are familiar with being strewn about”. This makes such a societal statement–and it’s a heart-grabber.


  2. Yes, one of my short stories will be coming out this December. I don’t post prose, because most people find it difficult to read past a certain amount of words on WordPress. I believe this is why books will still be the No. 1 form of media people will use for longer things to read.

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  3. I like this! I like to people watch. If I`m waiting for for a friend I like to watch people go buy. When I really look at people it`s so interesting to observe what they do.

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  4. Very imaginative and provocative. This rouses my image bank and my muse muses about that war, that politician, that election, my past….Darn you Elan Mudrow. I had been content to let it all lie. With their lies.


  5. I think I know this group of kids… and their rhetoric. If the price is right, anything is for sale. Nice that you let them charge their phones; the stores around here won’t even let you use the bathroom! Another winner, Elan! 🙂


  6. Then they never comprehend that Elvis and the Beatles are part of a past they never knew and the future they look for remains hidden in their own present grasping for an ideal reality they don’t understand…:)

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