Fall And All

Photo by Andre Gide

“This sun is beating down too hot, too early. Can’t you see how this new spring is fooling the trees? They like it at first, unfurling their leaves in premature green, then July hits and they think it’s September. It’s so much like us. Sometimes, I swear we build things before thinking about repercussions. Because…

Everything is alive with voices, exploding early. Spring is turning into gibberish. I wait for summer to simmer things down. It’s difficult to focus on one voice. But, if you can single one out, it tells you something passionate in a way you’ve never heard before. I listen to your voice. Can you listen to mine? Because…

I wish I could touch you like the sun, with a heat hotter than you’ve ever experienced. But, no one can touch all the time. There is a quietness, a moon, the black universe. The sun is not letting us rest. Because…

We need clouds. I don’t want a whole bunch of clouds all at once, just a few in phases. Let the trees have their green for a while, before they fall into mounds. Our kisses remain wet. We build our lives with consideration.”

28 Comments on “Fall And All

  1. Beautiful imagery – instantly inviting and emotional. I love the overall look and layout of your blog. 🙂


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  3. Upper 20s to 30. We’re at that now. Summer can get above 40. Summer before last it got to 45 and the flying foxes (fruit bats) were falling dead from the trees. I dread summer more every year.


  4. I’ve heard of the situation in Australia. In Oregon, we’ve already broken the record for consecutive 80 degree days. (That’s farenheit, I suppose that’s in the upper 30’s there, right?)


  5. Frightening isn’t it. Supposed to be Autumn here in Australia but the days are still very warm. The creeks are drying up because we’ve had precious little rain. Thanks for writing about this. Someone needs to.


  6. The imagery is captivating.For me, the metaphors are luxurious. I learn so much from you. You teach us to become better writers through your words. As a new author, I really appreciate this.


  7. Fine work! Perhaps subjective of me, reading into rather than from, but I read a well-made metaphorical comparing the course of a relationship with the change of seasons.


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  9. How lovely. Minimal and spare, but the feeling is still intense in your words. The photo goes very well with the poem.


  10. I love the title nod to William Carlos Williams. He absolutely infuriates me sometimes as a poet, but it’s an angry, exasperated kind of love, I think.


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