Photo by Kelly Neil
Photo by Kelly Neil



45 thoughts on “Published”

  1. sent a response and for some reason it didn’t make it. I wrote (if it’s a duplicate disregard) that Neopolitan was indecisive and that I liked my ice cream dull and vanilla and in front of the tele.

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  2. OH NO! – I actually visualised some people I know when I read those descriptions!! – Can’t name who went with what though. hahaha – great post!

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  3. True. Personally, a good vanilla is my favorite. But, in reading this poem, it’s good to think how metaphors, sound, and deconstructionism are flavors. What does blue mean? So, is this poem about ice cream? Yes and no. Welcome to the world of Derrida.

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  4. Oh good grief. Sorbet (the poser) is my favorite. Very creative rendition. There’s even humor in it. And I’d probably try rum raisin if I weren’t already so high on life!


  5. Ahaha great poem. I had a good laugh. You certainly made eating ice cream a lot more interesting for me.


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