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  1. That’s brill. What a pertinent piece of writing. And I read “backup e-mail account” as “blackmail account” … πŸ™‚

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  2. Your way with words never disappoints, “ransoms are paid monthly” genius line!

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  3. This one is awesome, so much truth in there. The juxtaposition of our made up faces and identities is amazing. BTW, do I get a free cosmetic bag for being your 100th LIKE? Well done, Elan! πŸ™‚

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  4. Yes, and inside the bag you will receive sample sizes of the Elan line of cosmetics, made specifically for applying while you’re driving to work and checking out a new post on Instagram.

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  5. How apt for this the sarcastic and witty tone. Brilliant!!!


  6. Absolutely hilarious …..! You can win many awkward hearts bruised by intrusive admirers. Brilliant and witty to the core…!


  7. Great! I can think of at least a dozen young women I should be sending this to. But, sadly, they just wouldn’t get it. Sally


  8. True Sally. In a world where we are constantly reminded to be aware of others, we seem to be getting more self-absorbed. I am no exception. This poem is for me as much as it is a cynical critique of all of us.

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  9. You are an honest to god Original, Elan. There are so few of you; and it’s hard, too, being a creature from an alien’s zoo, and not knowing who’s watching you. I enjoyed this one.


  10. Incredibly witty. And so true. People are so self-centred nowadays they don’t even get the time to raise their heads to maybe glance at the sky or the setting sun once in a while.
    Although who do I have to blame, they call it being human. How many people would read this and stop doing the same or at least try? Very few would.


  11. The older model is called “Mother In-Law.” If a hair is out of place, you’ll hear about it. Love your writing!

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  12. Good for you for seeing mirrorlessly. I wonder if in the future our optics will auto-alter everything we see without our knowing it, just because we couldn’t be bothered to read all the Terms & Conditions.


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