Fauna Lost Her Ears


Image by Katrina Sesum
Image by Katrina Sesum

You are circling, circling

High above us

In partial slivers of light.

You have lost your chariot

And are so silent.

Sing to me Selene, though

The music doesn’t sound the same.

It doesn’t reverberate

As it once did.

It trails off into nothing.

Now, is a time of faces.

Maybe, it doesn’t matter, for

We are all writing love into corners.

Lyrics have the fates repeating

An endless, victorious tragedy.

Our bodies hold no melody.

I have no bones,

Easily trampled upon

Playing among ferns

In the shrinking forest.

If only I could hear your voice

Once more, my love.

I know that’s what you’re trying to do




18 Comments on “Fauna Lost Her Ears

  1. “now is a time for faces.” I love that I don’t know what you mean. I love this poem, the nature metaphors, the music of it. And as I am writing this I think I get the meaning, a time of faces, beauty, skin deep reality as opposed to the depth of your connection. Mahalo for following me too. Poets gotta stick together.

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  2. That’s always the case, even in any tragedy. But you have to look for the good sometimes!


  3. This poem is a beauty. I love the feeling of dark that you’ve written about in it. The fact that even though pain is bitter, it is way closer to our hearts than joy.
    I can see so many things in this piece. Beautiful. 🙂


  4. Your poetry is so deep. So much lost in this poem. I have wished to hear my love’s voice, and it drove me nuts. To be cut off from someone without explanation is the worst. To hear the music again, is the best.


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous mythical and mystical air about this and the love in such a dream like setting.


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  7. Lost love? Death of a loved one? The “sparkle” you saw in someone at one time has worn off? I read so much in this poem…probably too much, but I like it. Mystical.

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  8. beautiful music painted in the canvas of my soul. love this piece.

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