Funny Kind Of Heaven

Giulietta Masina in Fellini's La Strada
Giulietta Masina in Fellini’s La Strada

You know,

when I look at you

I laugh

Not because you’re a fool

Although you can be foolish.

Not because you’re a clown You juggle just fine.

Not because you tell good jokes

Sometimes you get lucky.

Not because you’re silly

There’s a bit of a child in you.

Not because you can’t match socks

(I’ll let that one slide).

It’s because I love

The hell out of you!

Funny kind of heaven

We’ve got going on between us.

55 Comments on “Funny Kind Of Heaven

  1. Love this. It reminds me of how I feel about my husband.


  2. How true. I smile at even a note from ones I love for some of those very reasons. 🙂


  3. I love the rhythm here, long-short lines, I’m thinking jazz rhythms. Any doubt as to what is being expressed? Not to my eyes (ears).

    I didn’t know my socks didn’t match until I read this and looked at my feet.


  4. This is lovely. The photo drew me in but the poem made me stay. There is a touch of (my hero) Laurie Anderson about this one. x ❤


  5. It’s all about putting socks in pairs inside a drawer after they have been dried. If you understand what I’m getting at.


  6. I agree. You have the way of putting mundane things into orbit. That talent says a great deal about your personality. I hope you are publishing and if not I wish I knew the people to come and sweep you into fame.

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  7. The line not because you’re a clown, you juggle just fine is brilliant.

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