Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo

It’s a controlled randomness

How we travel…….

We twist and bend

In an array of paths

Through snarls,

Through touching,

Through communication.

We cover the ground

With our wanders.

The land listens

To our voice,

We say everything to it

Yet, it asks

For meaning

Or at least we ask it

For meanings

Causing us to name it

To name all

So we can measure

The array

From the smallest

To the largest value

We ask the land

Not to change

Through tectonic plates

Through temperatures

Through civilization

To wear the same array

For endless days

“When I see your face, I recognize it is you, but you have changed. I need to hear your voice.

Some seeds sprout


Travel within the array

Of paths

22 Comments on “Array

  1. This poem speaks of wanting to understand what lies around us and to be familiar with the unfamiliar. Beautiful, thanks as always for the lesson in writing beautifully!

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  2. That was wonderful to read. what really caught my attention was the picture. It reminds me of every picture I take of my girls while canoeing. I wish I could write that flawlessly.


  3. I think this is a powerful poem to consider in the face of all the current assessments taking place in public schools. What does any assessment tell us about someone and what do we know but is not able to be assessed? Thank you for your thoughtful writing.

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  5. I was writing a poem earlier today, about why we ruin the mystery of things by naming them and siccing science on them. Finding a logical explanation that kills wonder and imagination. This seems like another perspective on that–even when we name and explain it, life thwarts us with its twists and turns, never the same river twice. Eloquently written, Elan. 🙂

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  8. You said it better than I ever could — “When I see your face, I recognize it is you, but you have changed. I need to hear your voice.”


  9. This poem is pregnant with meaning for me today, as my son is considering applying to my college alma mater and we are visiting the campus today. A brave new world — ’tis new to thee.

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