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  1. I love your twists and whimsy. I also especially like the last two lines. Thanks for a good laugh. πŸ™‚


  2. Delightful epigrams! One overlooked aspect of poetry is fun with language (I have a post coming up about that), and the monogamyβ€”you’ve set me to the task of whoring in rhyme and meter.


  3. There is a famous poem by a starving artist, which goes:

    sadly he died..
    Ok, poor attempt at humour. This on the other hand was brilliantly funny and obviously highly intelligent loved it.

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  4. Beautiful. So true that a poem does not feed a starving artist. And I loved that some of it depends upon a red wheel-barrow.


  5. brilliant! You might not be a poem,
    You are a poet.


  6. Entertainment is not a poem, however, this poem is very entertaining!


  7. Beautiful, I especially loved the one about silence, but in truth all had me read, nod and say “mhm!” a lot of times πŸ™‚


  8. That is actually a theme of a current project, using Recombinant Theory, and working with dispossessed people in my area, remixing lexemes from Trump and Clinton’s speeches. Not sure if I’m producing anything as entertaining – this one was fun to read. I enjoyed the form of each turned phrase.


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