You Are Never Gonna Be Written




There’s a sliver of night

That says to me, write

However, I gotta worry

About evening’s strange plight




Night is undependable

Unpredictable, and unreliable

It’s the “UnCola” ….it’s liable

To be too soft and pliable




My whims and thoughts

Into creepy plots

Making words bend

Into shapes like stinky socks!!!




Putrid verse into pockets

The stuff for silly lockets

Words that make me

Want to curse in never-ending “fuck its”. (I would say that’s stretching it a bit)




My stanzas don’t get squashed!

Making me wanna get sloshed!

There’s gotta be a muse

Who, like me, looks for that one missing galosh……………………….. (What?)




I start to feel a wee bit warm

An interesting idea begins to form

I’m attracted to its shape

A poem appears, like that! new born




That bastard named Revision

Catches me inside his windshield wiper of collision.——— ( I know, I know)

It’s an all-night job

Now, I’m stuck with a tough decision




I feel, I’m just scribbling a note

I wanna barf on a coat.————- (Good choice! It can be easily washed.)

I swear poetry

Is the art of the goat! ——(Oh, so now you’re evil?)




Day appears, crystal clean

Adding sense to the scene

And I realize poems

Need love before they are weaned





That calling of the night

That says to me, write

Depends upon morning bright

To make sure my poem’s got bite. ————–(Oh, you suck. You really suck.)




There’s a sliver of the next night

That says to me, again, write……..


(You bastard. You just took me back to the beginning. You’re a vicious loop. Just forget the whole thing! I’m going to bed! I’m not going to write you. Ha ha! You’ll be the one who suffers now. You won’t be written, EVER!!  Ha ha!! You won’t even exist and I can go on watching movies or playing video games, picking my nose and wasting as much time as I see fit. Whoo Hoo!!!!!!)

43 Comments on “You Are Never Gonna Be Written

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  2. I loved this immediately! It has it’s own rhythm like music. And the words are honest and unfiltered and pure fun. Look forward to more!

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  3. Nice it had a really nice flow like a song just looking for the beat lol


  4. Just love how you threatened a poem with not being written, and then wrote a poem on it. XD


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  6. Dispositio (arrangement): The process of arranging and organizing your arguments for maximum impact. Advertisers do this kind of thing all the time.


  7. Glad you accidently hit publish
    I just cannot read you once, I have to read at least twice, this one thrice
    Well you started it
    Well you had to finish it
    Then thank god you published it
    Great stuff Elan
    From little Ol’
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

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  8. Great poem. You really dug into this one. 😃 Its the kind of poem that has you on the edge of your seat during the reading. I absolutely loved it


  9. I like the tone of dark humor in this poem – comic and tragic often intertwine and the humor, in the hands of a skilled poet imposes pranks and pitfalls … This dynamic work, with his internal voices, has found me in almost contemplative, smiling satisfaction. Great!

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  10. I am entranced by the humor and rhythm of such a deft description of the turmoil writers deal with night in, and night out. Thank you for sharing such a daring piece.

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  11. Nobody said poetry was pretty. Did they? I could have missed it, but then…nah. Nobody said that, ever.


  12. This was awesome and right on the nose. Thanks for sharing it. It’s like you crept into my psyche and read my personal inner monologue. You are the best.


  13. Could be, or that other p word. paranoia, that and paragraphing, though facts of life sometimes, can be a pain.


  14. Haha! let it not be written, in the morning it will dawn with crystal clear lines,like a silent lamb and then it will be conquered! But it will allure you to cross check in the night, and damn! We’re back into the loop! >_<


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