The Pulse Of Hate


When a belief is

Devoid of love


We must question how

A belief is loved

Lest its passion

Confuses conviction….

With hate

49 Comments on “The Pulse Of Hate

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  2. An ideology that encourages hate crime does not say it is love. True Love does not demand its own right. Thanks for this thought provoking poem.


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  4. I try never to utter the word hate. I don’t want it in my thoughts which might be aimed at myself or someone else. Hate is a gobbler. It will eat you alive!


  5. I’ve always liked your work. This bit right here, coming at the time you did it, just knocked it out of the park. True kudos…


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  7. This is phenomenal. Poetic excellence! 👏🏽🌟❤️ There is nothing more disturbing than those whose love of one fosters hate of another.


  8. Spare words, profound thoughts, knotty problems, intangible solutions . . . Fine poem!


  9. Beautiful and strong words; the image makes them all the more powerful.
    Thank you


  10. How true for so many of us – the beliefs we were raised with, spoken and unspoken. It takes such a courage to let go of some of those beliefs.
    Perfect title for your poem, btw. And I really like that photograph. I wonder what the story is behind that photograph?

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  11. This is so right. Can pure murderous hatred be considered just a belief? Or a belief at all? Is hatred that extreme be any kind of rational belief?


  12. So so true!!Even though I may write a lot of dark stuff, I certainly believe love is essential in all of us and that any ideology devoid of love is the essence of evil.


  13. Well spoken, sire! Maybe we need to concentrate more on what we stand for than what we stand against. Thanks for your beautiful and thought-provoking words. Thoughts and prayers to all involved in the recent tragedy. 🙂


  14. Although I use the word belief, it does not necessarily have to pertain to a religious belief. It’s quite easy to believe anything.

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  15. I wrote a song for a friend of mine, once, called Dying to Believe. I was trying to question the irony of religious wars or dying for a religious belief. Your poem evokes that same thought.

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  16. There I so much going wrong in the world at the moment. So much hate and anger. So little personal peace. Yet peace is there to be had. Understanding those that disagree with us is an important part of the route that leads there. I’ve noticed that when we find out what is happening in other people’s hearts, we feel more compassion towards them. I’m thinking about the massive influx of refugees into Europe at the moment. As a group, it’s “Them coming to take advantage of us”. Then when we hear an individual story, of their trials and desperation, our hearts go out to them and we want to help.

    The poem provides a profound thought. A belief without love will not value others and it’s a small step from there to hating those that foil your plans. What makes it harder is that we, when subject to that hate, must not respond in kind as that will corrupt our values and remove our love, replacing it with anger and hate. Then how are we different? Like the extreme left and right – ideologically opposed but just the same.

    Good poem. Thanks.

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  17. Lest its passion
    Confuses conviction….
    With hate

    The road to anyone’s hell is paved with misguided intentions. Nice work.


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