Primary Voice


Inside the blue melody, exists

The longing that exudes from us.

Proves, we are all dynamics

Ingrained in buzzed-out bodies.

With arms flying alive

Reaching for sound

Feet uncontrollable, legs alien

Outside ourselves, always, as we

Feel the shake, when

We cry—with the dance in our limbs

And the rhythm is reddened

Beyond our hunger and bite

Even among the simplest listen.

Waves pushed outward

Past our personal magnetic shields

Blooming around us in green

harmonic overtone tone rows

Passed beyond our ability

To move, received by

Antennae of mind and soul

Which is just, just, just

A receiver of the search of flight

Free of gravity and anchored femur

Seeking other statics, scales, and modes.

For the noise of light, which

Has been playing its colors

Upon our very, very, very origins.

And upon pronouncement of our silence

Will paint forever

16 Comments on “Primary Voice

  1. I, too, sing silly made-up songs to myself (although, anyone close enough can hear them). 🙂 Sometimes they do turn into poems, also. 🙂 Love the #Dance. …and, thanks for following. Always appreciated, Elan. #DanceOn… ~ Jessan


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