Present Tense


If guns are present tense and

Hate is present tense, then

The future is presently in tension


If guns were past tense, and

Hate was past tense, then

The future will have progressed perfectly

33 Comments on “Present Tense

  1. The advertisement sells an emotion and creates a heightened need for the gun. It is this over consuming need used to sell mass produced products and lifestyles that is irrational. Build a society around such consumerism generates an exaggerated unbalanced set of social behaviour .

    Hate derives from fear and imbalance/insecurity. Hate acted upon generates violence. Inanimate objects become the tools for this violence. Whatever objects are most plentiful and effective become the most used tool.

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  2. You must have aged well. I think Plato “wrote” poets were the bane of civilization. Ahh, maybe he was right. Thank you.


  3. the word play makes this fun to read, although the subject is serious, of course. the structure of the poem reminds me of two “logical” syllogisms. (sorry, i was a philosophy minor back in the time of plato, and i just can’t help myself.)


  4. Given the amount of irrational violence in the world, while not pursue unreason in its elimination?


  5. Very well put. That is an amazing picture. It is interesting that it looks like something from the 50’s. I guess our present situation has been evolving for a long time.


  6. Yes, it’s not that simple, is it? The Colt ad horrified me too. It’s the heart tag on the end of the barrel


  7. If only it were that simple but I’m totally on board with the principle. As for that Colt ad – I love it! And am slightly horrified by it.


  8. Without the hate the violence would not be perpetrated, which it so easily is with a gun to assist it. I think that was the intent of the post.

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  9. You wouldn’t believe the things they are making nowadays. Makes guns look like pieces of phony metals. I don’t wish to witness the outcome of modern nuclear warfare. It has the power to wipe out the whole of humanity.


  10. I doubt hate would diminish if guns were banned, but at least it wouldn’t be such an open invitation to use your weapon any time you please.

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  11. So if the gun, the inanimate object, didn’t exist, there would be no violence? Irrational.


  12. And the progration of perception wouldn’t have been done


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