Photo by Godesslife
Photo by Godesslife

Climbing down the stairs,

through the dead living room

Out the missing front door.

how simple the world is,

To leave you behind

peculiar, too easy, resigned world,

Yet irate, torn between silence and wilderness

Both shone brightly. Both were masked.

Outdoors, the sky was hidden in gray,

mundane as if waiting for movement.

The sun was there, peeking through rumbling clouds,

attempting to scold me for the escape

If only I could see it move across the sky,

I could reason with it.

Tell it about the way I walk

If only I could see you move towards me

I could reason with you

Tell you about the way I am

I wondered if this was when time stood still.

Was I missing the world move?

Did I misinterpret your signs, your speech patterns?

I looked keenly at the clouds,

Trying to see what was behind them.

The sun must have meaning today

Beyond any other day past or coming

As I looked down, the grass

appeared as a carpet of swirling chaos, fallen. 

but it quickly vanished. 


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