Perspiring Happens!


Funny, how many armpits there are

Floating around.

Most stay in their place.

Every now and then

One intrudes upon your space

Making it difficult to concentrate

Giving you the feeling that you need to escape

Running to where the air is fresher…..


Free from your boss, Old Spice.

Away from that gossipy wench Dove

Avoiding the smut talk of Gillette

Who is just interested in his Speed Stick

While his fat buddy Mitchum chuckles

At every cute deodorant that walks by.

You want to tell Glide

That her body wash isn’t working!

That’s for Sure.

Brut grunts at you for no reason

Must be football season.

Then there’s Ralph Lauren

Who thinks he knows the goddess Hygiene personally

You want to tell him Hygiene doesn’t exist

Just take a look around the office for proof!

Perspiring is not a Secret!

It happens!



But, armpits aren’t always bad

Sometimes during a warm Irish Spring

When people get a little extra sweaty

You find just the Right Guard

And are more than willing to bury

Your nose into your lover’s armpit

And make that Gold Bond

38 Comments on “Perspiring Happens!

  1. I am cracking up, LOL! It was the Tussy in the picture that got my attention! My mother bought it for me :). I wonder if you could write something about the natural deodorants like the crystal stick or the coconut oil with corn starch and baking soda, or the many others that are out there? Thanks for the laugh!


  2. It’s interesting, and frightening, in a minor way, that I get all these references to brands of deodorant in Australia. Globalisation: making the world deny sweat since 1950…

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  3. I haven’t heard of deodorant for dogs, but I know they have toothpaste. I’m sure someone is working on it.


  4. Know anything about deodorants for dogs? Somehow I can’t see them sitting still while I apply the stick/spray/goo to their pits. And they’ve got four pits each!

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  5. I loved this! I am both in awe and in surprise of the style with the words. 😀 😀 😀

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  6. August is definitely the season of armpits and their “guardian angels.” For me, it’s a matter of Degree. 🙂 I loved the use of product names throughout, and especially the Tussy in the picture. My mom used Tussy cream when I was a kid. (Cream deodorant sounds a bit wet? But I digress.) Anyway, Elan, a beautifully crafted quilt of a poem that totally captures the spirit of summer.

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