There is a letter hiding

Inside this envelope.

Addressed in handwriting

As if etched….on

A print I recognize…..

Familiar marks I wished, at times, I never knew

Other times, I wished I had known better.

So are our lives…..represented

By this letter……

A relationship of a paper receptacle

With its four corners, glued folds

A flap that awaits closure

With many words waiting to be



You have added, perhaps

A final voice inside this letter.

An ending I search for

Mixed with the anxiety for the loss

Of the sound your words make.

And the question is

If I open this letter

Will reading it stir up all those summers

heated in our veins, or

Will its therapy send a cool breeze

To pacify all the seasons we have invested

In? ….Surely, the wind is unpredictable.

If the breeze picks up,

As it has done many times

I run the risk of the letter flying

Out of my hands, the reading left




So, I fear,….. while simultaneously

I am in calm realization, that

I do not believe in the myths of fall

The false solitude of winter

Your letter may mix up the seasons

But, it cannot end them.

I carry your voice deep within

All my writing…..(And yours)

We have written

We will write

I place your letter inside my pocket,


123 Comments on “Undone

  1. This is a poem I will read over and over. Thank you for the gift of your words and for the inspiration.


  2. This is a poem that shows the narrator’s anxiety to let go of the past. I feeling we can all relate to, I’m sure. I like the use of the season’s to illustrate the different memories and emotions associated with the sender. Nice touch.


  3. Powerful piece. Makes one question the authority of the “last word.” As in the receiver refusing to read, accept, or permit the speaker’s final word. Great writing, you’ve captured emotion and churned curiosity. Well done!


  4. Your poem is like a voice in an acoustic mountain that invite that echoing vibration. Thank you for the beautiful writing that reminds a lot of emotions. Thank you for the like of my new post.


  5. Please share more with me. I’d love to read your favorite or most proud piece . Drop me a link & tag me on Twitter. I’m following you now. See you on line .😁


  6. You are going to run into posts that have been published. I’ve kept the images alive because of the responses I received. Thanks for the invite. I will certainly check out your groups.

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  7. It’s absolutely phenomenal writing. I’ve been spending some time reading some other things you’ve written. I’m up way past my bedtime . I don’t regret a single minute of what is sure to be a long morning! I hope you’ll join us Friday & share some of your other work on Twitter with the #LinkYourLife & #LinkYourCompassion hashtag. It would be great to have you join our closer group of talented writers on Facebook. The group is closed & it’s unlike any group you’ll find out there. Here’s a link & invite ! I will link up & share on Twitter some of your amazing published pieces. https://otvmagazine.com/2015/10/16/linkyourlife-has-a-facebook-group-and-youre-invited/

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  8. Reblogged this on Open Thought Vortex and commented:
    This poem does not disappoint. I have always believed that poetry is magical. When I read poetry like this all my synaptic nerves fire off. Poetry is magical. Undone is stunning revelation into the heart of the poet who wrote it. It is also a connection that gives a glimpse into my heart , mind and soul. #LinkYourLife and #LinkYourCompassion allows me to share what I love. You will find amazing poetry at Tricksterchase.com.
    This poem “Undid’ me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  9. Good to hear from you. I’ve been experimenting with a few different forms. But, I think I’m zeroing down on one or two and this poem is a representative of one of them. Thanks so much!

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