There is a letter hiding

Inside this envelope.

Addressed in handwriting

As if etched….on

A print I recognize…..

Familiar marks I wished, at times, I never knew

Other times, I wished I had known better.

So are our lives…..represented

By this letter……

A relationship of a paper receptacle

With its four corners, glued folds

A flap that awaits closure

With many words waiting to be



You have added, perhaps

A final voice inside this letter.

An ending I search for

Mixed with the anxiety for the loss

Of the sound your words make.

And the question is

If I open this letter

Will reading it stir up all those summers

heated in our veins, or

Will its therapy send a cool breeze

To pacify all the seasons we have invested

In? ….Surely, the wind is unpredictable.

If the breeze picks up,

As it has done many times

I run the risk of the letter flying

Out of my hands, the reading left




So, I fear,….. while simultaneously

I am in calm realization, that

I do not believe in the myths of fall

The false solitude of winter

Your letter may mix up the seasons

But, it cannot end them.

I carry your voice deep within

All my writing…..(And yours)

We have written

We will write

I place your letter inside my pocket,


123 Comments on “Undone

  1. This is deep. The mood is dark yet hopeful. So much is said in so little. Love it…


  2. Wow … The relationship you brought in the unopened letter and our lives was magnificent …
    If only some people will open the letter and understand a little more about their lives … but then, opening the letter is no guarantee that all will understand what they have read …

    Awesome …

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  3. Thought-provoking!!!!
    Even i am an artist, if you all wanna see my poems, essays or paintings, please do visit my blog.
    I mostly write on spiritual and philosophical topics. I am still a beginner and dont have enough readers at my site. Would be extremely happy if you all support me growing as a known blogger. Thank you 🙂

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  4. Your poetry uses elements of nature to beautifully fill in the gaps that reality can’t. As does mine, I would love for you to read my poetry pieces on my page.

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  6. Wow…You’ve inspired me to write something myself similar. It is just like the idea many people have of love… they hide it and won’t open it, due to the fear of hurt and disappointment.

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  7. Well well well…amazingly written ….unopened letter ….luved that line ” I carry ur voice deep within” 👍👍

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  8. This post paints with words. So lovely, delicate as an orchid. We wonder if the letter will remain unopened.

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