Ama Pearl Diver
Ama Pearl Diver

I open my laptop

Hoping to find a pearl,

A poem within

The cold metal shell

Warmed by my touch

As the keys move with

Currents, tides, waves

Settling in diverse pools.

But, sometimes poems

Slip out as granules of sand

Nuisances, unfiltered….Having

Their own kind of rough beauty.

I have hope for them

For I believe and must believe

As any parent must believe…that

I have a three chambered heart

17 Comments on “Nacre

  1. The comparison of a laptop to an oyster is not one I had thought of before, but it makes so much sense!

    You captured my interest from the very first line and kept it until the end. It’s a metaphor I will take to heart – I think I’m hoping for a few pearls myself at the moment, haha.

    I’m new around here, but I will definitely be stopping by in the future.


  2. I get it!! YAY! That clears it up completely and WOW! Great poem – especially now that you’ve explained that part. I like the contrast of waves/currents/tides to the granules of sand slipping between your fingers. Both unpredictable, both can be chaotic, random, and beautiful. A short poem with a powerful punch!

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  3. An oyster has a three-chambered heart. It’s used as an allegory or extended metaphor. Does this clear things up? In the poem the metaphor pertains to love, conviction, pride, lament, guilt, you name it. My advice to you is to read H.D., Pound, perhaps The Four Quartets by Eliot. Here is a comparison, when Stein entitled her book “Tender Buttons”, what did she mean? I hope this helps.

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