kalemba by William Santiago
kalemba by William Santiago

My eyes can only look outward.

They seek, witness, and search

No singular thoughts of their own

Catching movement and color

Concentrating on sound sources

Sorting light and darkness

Outside binary restraints

Transmitting their way

into an inner vision

Processed with thought

Mixed with a wrinkling of the brow

A flutter of lashes, a blink.

These sights compacted

Into image decisions, imagination

Facts and fabrication

An arrangement of details

Strings of incidents

Missed, found and realized


So much have I entrusted

To their capabilities of capturing

Life into a collection of slides

Time squeezed into perception

Frozen cubes of memory

Distorted by the recurring frosts

Floods, and droughts

That have passed before them…yet

I am one with their innate faculty

While I’m aware

They swim in fluidity.

I am dependent upon

A constant act of focusing


I ask if you trust my voice

With such eyes as I have?

Can I tell you of beauty?

For my representations

Can only amount to

An anthology of my own



Now, as I have before

Watch your lips move

As the sound of your story

Reaches my eyes

31 Comments on “Seeing

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  2. Love this poem! Seeing, understanding, living… All so intertwined! Beautiful!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for following!

    Peace, Tamara


  3. Intriguing ! How you portray the synaptic influences of eyes, how much we rely on them in our rendering of the world and its beauty . Both abstract and crystalline.

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  5. “Now, as I have before

    Watch your lips move

    As the sound of your story

    Reaches my eyes”

    Careful or you’ll blow my mind. Nice work.

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  6. By all means, keep it as long as you like and say hello to your teenage grandson. That’s so damned cool! I started to write around that age.

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  8. Hey, I liked reading my lines sent back to me and how they were read. I can’t tell you how this makes me feel. But, I’m probably going to try.

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  9. my representations
    Can only amount to
    An anthology of my own
    I love these lines, that what we see, though beautiful and worthy of description, is nothing more than an illusion from our own perspective that we must tell in our own voice. Touched by your words, as always, Elan. 🙂

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  10. “Sorting light and darkness” is my very fave line. I know every other one is great too, but I spend much of my days doing that sorting, so it resonated personally.

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