Smile Baking


I bake this smile

To a golden brown grin

It’s my choice

How it curls upon my face

I can set the timer

To tender and loving

Or longer

To smug and smartass… you see

I will shape it as I see fit

Perhaps, I will add more

Snappy sugar…and

it’ll be a tender smartass

A lover of smug, or a crispy smirk

I cook this happy crescent cookie

With my own kind of dough


If perchance, my smile

Were to run into your frown

During a cake walk

Don’t get uptight

We’ve all dealt with fallen sweets

Redefine your dough

Maybe you need a pinch

More pompous in the mix

Or a tidbit less sneer

Ask your lover for a bit more butter

Measure the milk

Using your own cup

Don’t let anyone

Put your smile in the oven

Before it has had time

To rise

26 Comments on “Smile Baking

  1. I liked how you juxtaposed different types of smiles with the process of baking. The tone is fun and playful and the arrangement of the poem is like a shopping list. Super duper! 🙂

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  2. ‘Don’t let anyone put your smile in the oven, before it has had time to rise’
    …and people keep asking me where I get all those savvy quotes from…
    Elan, sir, prithee, may I borrow?

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  3. I like how you tell your reader to “own” their facial expressions. A lot of people, myself included, allow others to belittle us for our facial quirks. I know this was about smiles, but my heart said it could be bigger than that. great poem.


  4. Such a great post! I read it a few times and got something different out of it each time. I especially appreciated that you pointed out that not every smile is warm and friendly.

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