World Wide Word Debt

Photo by Madeline Rockery

Word Debt has been published.


43 thoughts on “World Wide Word Debt”

  1. Ah I recognise the little face picture thing now (gravator?) – I thought I had lost touch with your writing. Glad to have caught up again – enjoyed this “chap books in need of lip balm”! And the slight wave to WHAuden at the beginning?!

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  2. I like it, I mean more than just a courteous “like” in the social media sense. We live in a time of vapid, vacuous, verbalizations. Of course that’s not to say EVERYTHING is garbage, obviously not, but it does make you wonder how much time is wasted on meaningless words? Is it noise with a purpose, or noise for the sake of noise?

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  3. Thanks! I thought I saw Mickey in the mirror, but he shot off and ran away as fast as he could. All that was left was me trying to fix my Medusa, so nobody would turn to stone on my way to work.

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  4. And then there’s me. I am not a fan of poetry unless it’s The Raven or If or Mighty Casey has struck out. I just don’t get it. What I got out of this particular poem was how I felt this past week while writing my first article for an online newsletter. An essay. State my position in the first paragraph and make sure to re-state it but differently in the last paragraph. I had ten days to submit it and by the time I did I could not turn my head from left to right because I was so stiff. Finding the right words for that last paragraph almost made me cry. Loved your post.

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