Photo by Elan Mudrow

Photo by Elan Mudrow

Our bodies move between layers

Like leaves, who dance beneath

Aggressive heat….waiting….

For the bite of upcoming chill

Who consumes, as it always will

Our cycle of touch and thought

Bending our tired sinews caught

In ignorance of the ground

Soon to lie upon.

Clinging to a self-definition

Initiated by our budding

That first feast….consummation of light


With dry edges we seek to extend feelings

Of old sparking petals who love stealing

Shafts of pounding earthly bound sun.

We are aware from first dew milk dawn

That we know, all life is sandwiched

Between larger vacuums of cold

And upon completion

When knowledge plays its last card

Our bodies, without consent

Refuse to stop dancing


I see the leaves swirl violently

With their skeletons

More fiercely then they did

When juicy bodies of greenest complexion

Took in all elemental surprise

To drink the sun with the smoothest of hands

Loveliest of faces and shapely skin…Now

Twirling brown, far into new year’s play

When snow melts for the aggressor’s return

Many have been paved into soil.

Beaten into pulp by the very planet

Who supplemented their synthesis

Becoming the very ground they never knew


Awareness isn’t everything

Life doesn’t necessarily use it

All of the time

Neither does love

Even though we think they should


We are dancing now

Within our own selfish lovemaking

Applying our eternalness

 To the world

Wondering why no one else

Can feel the strength of our sprout

I choose to lay underneath you

For my body is glistening with

A hope I have no name for

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38 Responses to Polyrhythm

  1. Wooooooooooooooowwwwwww…

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  2. God that’s tremendous! Thank you.

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  3. yaskhan66 says:

    Omg. What a fantastic piece.

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  4. Kathy says:

    Wow. Beautiful, and the photo so perfectly complements the rustling words of your poem.

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  5. Wonderful all the way through, and then double applause for your closing!

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  6. Gorgeous imagery inspired by the change of seasons and rhythms of creation. Loved the sensual journey that your poetry brought me through.

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  7. Herbert Siao says:

    Such beauty Elan Mudrow

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  8. cheryl622014 says:

    What a brilliant poem and such a picture to go with it.

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  9. That last line…chilling to the bone.

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  10. rivrvlogr says:

    All good, but this line really stands out for me:
    “Becoming the very ground they never knew”

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  11. oldepunk says:

    Elan this is a masterpiece. Incredible, man. Thank you for sharing this with us

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  12. B. Gradenko says:

    This is amazing, I loved it wow. Consider me a fan 🙂


  13. artrosch says:

    A splendid poem, worth repeated reading. Are you familiar with the drumming of Elvin Jones? He was considered to be an innovator of polyrhythmic technique. Your poem evokes Elvin’s wild solos.

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    • Elan Mudrow says:

      I like Art Blakey. Jazz is all polyrhythms. The drum set we now take for granted is a polyrhythmic machine. Like the flatted fifth, rhythms pass by us without our realization of their complexity. There is a bit of this in the poem. Thanks Arthur.


  14. This is terrific! Excellent piece. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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  15. TalkaholicMe says:

    “Becoming the very ground they never knew” is just so perfect.. Your words and the photo you used set the right mood..

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  16. miralianna says:

    Powerful! And it hit me exactly where I am most sensitive today:
    ” Applying our eternalness

    To the world

    Wondering why no one else

    Can feel the strength of our sprout

    I choose to lay underneath you

    For my body is glistening with

    A hope I have no name for”

    …I’m feeling a sense of genuine eternity, as you say. I’d never believed it possible. Somehow, illogically, I am certain. It seems you are too. 🙂

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  17. rowyourb0at says:

    the spatial – almost physical – movement of this poem is utterly enlivening; you can almost feel the poem sprout and bud and blossom with the stanzas’ right-ward drift.

    you write so beautifully.

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  18. vivachange77 says:

    Stunning, gorgeous poetry. I experience it without words to describe it.

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  19. elleceef says:

    Beautiful, sensual, gritty, ,,all these things,,,” Awareness isn’t everything”, how true this is,,,

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  20. dornahainds says:

    Truly an outstanding, phenomenal piece.

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  21. Susan says:

    ‘”Life doesn’t use our awareness all the time” This’ll stick with me.

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  22. OMG, wow! Great write!

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  23. D'Dream says:

    Wow!!!! This is simply beautiful!!!! Love it!


  24. May I share this on my blog giving you full credit and a link? I have a Sunday tradition called Sunday Share and this week I’d like to share you! (And yes, I’m a little late!)


  25. Reblogged this on transcribingmemory and commented:
    Usually, all you have to do is put up a poem about Autumn and my attention is grabbed. However, this poem is also really, really good! Please go check out Elan Mudrow’s blog!


  26. Eeek, I’m sorry but I posted it! I was really behind sched. If you wish me to take it down I will. 🙂


  27. Amie Sparks says:

    first I see leaves,
    then I see bodies.
    I feel the snow,
    yet again,
    I feel the heat

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  28. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Orthometry.

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  29. Perfect for swimmers


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