Street Fair

282e239f6099b8fb5293d9dcb8a412da1. 1. Repeat offender vendors

Who set up to break down


2. The song remains the same

Only the avenue changes.


3. Livingroom rehearsed musicians

Exposing themselves to the elements

Of being ignored


4. Shaky Kombucha addicts

Wait in line for their fix

Of sour fermentation


5. Corporate bakeries pretend

To be small time organic

Moms and pops


6. Petitioners harass people

Who already agree with them


7. Two Goth girls act like it’s the eighties

Even though they were born in the nineties


8. A misting tent at the hostel.

Finally, those stinky street kids

Can get a shower.


9. Fresh locally roasted coffee

Imported from Central America

Stationed in Airstream trailers

Strategically placed at every other intersection


10. Fresh squeezed lemonade

Direct from concentrate

Add sugar — $1.00 extra


11. Weekend hippies with dusty new top hats

Complimented with a crow feather

Pot-leaf t-shirt and Birkenstocks….

They know that computer coding Monday

Is only a sunset away

It’s called “back to virtual reality”.


12. Fortune tellers conjuring narratives

For the fortunate few

“I see a person in your life”

It just so happens, we all do.


13. Beer gardens on both ends

Making sure the stumbling

Hop alongs stay within the fair


14. Local insurance office

Sets up a bounce house

Proving that accidents do happen


15. Smoked ribs and other carcasses

On display


16. New Seasons Market booth

Stocks out-of-season produce.

Hey, it’s in the name

They are making up new seasons

As they go.


17. Hemp totes, hemp ropes

Hemp ladders, hemp matters

Hemp paper, hemp traders

Dopes on hemp, hemp belts on dopes


18. Clown balloon “artists”

Makes swords

For kids to thwack the shit out

Of each another

Americans learn young


19. “Free hot dogs and pop!”

As long as stomachs last

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32 Responses to Street Fair

  1. Love them all. Saw #7 just the other day. Only people who lived through the 80s know it wasn’t all that.

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  2. poeturja says:

    Great poem but as John Mellencamp sang, “Ain’t That America…” 🙂

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  3. TalkaholicMe says:

    Two goth girls from nineties..😁 perfectly written

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  4. Heh. This is perfect — I’m going to be selling books at a two-day festival this weekend. I’m going to remember these as I’m watching folks stroll past my booth.

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  5. Wow! Beautiful . Enjoyed visiting every stall n the people !

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  6. vidur s. says:

    wow….what a visual experience!

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  7. Ralph says:

    The acidic humor ….delightful as always. One you missed was the Fitness T-shirts sold by the unfit..

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  8. Ty Clark says:

    Everyone trying to be something they’re not, the astroturf is always greener or something. Loved the descriptions!

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  9. Number 14 is my favourite observation

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  10. Just Joan says:

    Our village street fair is coming up shortly and this is so dead-on, I was LOL. Especially the beer tent at both ends. 🙂

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  11. Rae Longest says:

    Cleverly done! Great post.

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  12. may hem says:

    Bitter bites

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  13. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Especially #12 & #14 & #17. Leaves me grinning. Thank you!

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  14. Frank Prem says:

    A touch of bitter in that coffee! My kind of fair, and I could have been there with you, given the familiarity of your observations.

    Good job.


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  15. Robyn Haynes says:

    I love this! It perfectly Elan describes the spirit of the markets I know and love.

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  16. luckyjc007 says:

    A nice description of the different markets. Great post. 🙂

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  17. Kris says:

    I missed most of the ‘summer’ fairs. You took me through them anyway! Balloon swords thwacking…pastries and tummies. GREAT images.

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  18. Keep ’em comin’ friend.Delightful, if rueful, walk along.

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  19. That was truthfully funny! If I get a chance to go to our local yearly fair, I’m sure I would see most of these.

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  20. vivachange77 says:

    Reading this is better than going to the fair. You point out the best sights. 🙂

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  21. Phil Huston says:

    Come on now. Number 3? Performing behind the ubiquitous table of overpriced, under-produced CDs? Big company with Cummings “In Just” and Byron adding an acerbic bite to another predictably corrupted American enterprise, the street fair.

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  23. yancosky says:

    Ha Ha…I did enjoy this very much! Very insightful!

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  24. larinesan says:

    someone once said life is a movie so smile for the cameras….I say life is a street fair that is happening to all of us…….i’ve returned to this post once again………… Elan Mudrow…. you is wicked!

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  25. Brilliant you capture the street and all that goes on in a beautiful way.. so enjoyable. Thanks for the follow

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  26. Love your work and your words…i don’t always understand what you write but I experience the emotion and that is lovely.
    I also enjoy the visual placement of your words on the page.
    Thanks for reading my post so I could find you. Soon to be a follower (when my PC quits updating).

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  27. Delightful perspectives!

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  28. erbiage says:

    Delightful vignettes, 11 really grabbed me. Thanks for paying attention

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