Two Lips


You look so new tonight.

I remember those wild lips….that

I was frightened to kiss.




I’ve never listened to my fears

Passing by them, feeling

My triumph from meager beginnings

The medieval beginnings of us

Into an age of reason

Our passionate verse becoming

Sensible prose

Materializing into a lucid love




My fears have defeated me

Into states of wilted forms

Unable to stop the trampling

Nights of tears, the years

That can only be blamed upon myself

And the rigid forms of uncertainty

Established by a host of rules

Stretched out in never ending handwriting

Powerless to put the right words together


Our undoing?


I find it funny, that all I wanted

Was a calmness, a quietude

A place

Between your Anthropocene blankets

Use what literature we have

Sing as poets

Plot as fiction


And now,


You appear to me tonight

With your face fresh, blushed

Warmer than before

Almost feverish

I don’t know these familiar lips 

Perhaps, I never did


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