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Virtual Advice

If you’re dating a dud of a download And it’s occurring during an internet outing Find a different server…… Don’t let a rude browser screw up your day We can talk Facebook to Facebook, Instant message me No need to … Continue reading

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About The Bird

I was invited to one of those huggy, huggy group meetings. You know, the type where everyone reveals inner lies about themselves, others, and the world around them. Well, we soon started picking out animal personalities for each other, which … Continue reading

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A Score To Settle

We share the intros Melodies, harmony and noise Along the loud life…enough To vibrate the moon Shake a star loose While all our faults And splits of passion Deepen beneath our feet Buzzing between brackets Of time signatures, rattling keys … Continue reading

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Volumes of discussions done Words have been ditched Along the convenient shore By the images we abhor  Who Dig out words at low tide Constantly consonant, foul on the vowel Slipping through the hippest lips Without a stutter, lisp,……….creating hits, … Continue reading

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Turning In

  I tell the child to simmer down, relax Hoping the child is not me, so The kid keeps me cooped up longer….. Minutes confused in conundrum Periods of time, bent, sealed, released Sounds of breathing, sounds of morning Birds, … Continue reading

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I place insoles and inserts Inside my boots To dampen effects of sidewalks, The hard boiled surfaces In which I watch for cracks Who stub and trip my stride, Enough to throw me onto Wobbly ankles and tender tendon seas … Continue reading

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