I place insoles and inserts

Inside my boots

To dampen effects of sidewalks,

The hard boiled surfaces

In which I watch for cracks

Who stub and trip my stride,

Enough to throw me onto

Wobbly ankles and tender tendon seas

………………………….You see

My body is a micro ocean  

Without a Moses ……..and

The city is so red, red, red, red

With its pyramid condominiums

And no matter how hard I stomp down

Upon the wimpiest concrete

My boots scuff and scratch



In my garden, I pry my boots off

My toes have been taught

To cluster towards the center.

Nails curl down, out, and away

Like claws who have forgotten

How to scratch, dig, take hold.

Feet so thin, soft, and pinkish brown

Still, I pretend I can run barefoot

Until my hooves must be restored.

24 Comments on “Pawless

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  2. Wow! Love this. The imagery and creativity. One has to experience this to pen it so perfectly.
    My feet haven’t touched the ground in twenty-five years and I cannot wear shoes, only socks. You took me on an imaginary journey.


  3. Love this. Funny how we armor up against the world, become so pale and soft inside.
    Yet th flooring and pavements we protect against are or our making as well.

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  4. Hi Elan, love your blog very much. just nominated you for the 3 quotes 3 day challenge.


    Three quotes for three days.
    Three nominees each day (no repetition).
    Thank the person who nominated you.
    Inform the nominees.

    Thanks and have a blessed day.

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  5. Our feet carry us so far… a little rest a little resole..
    Refreshed and replenished they carry me further and further..before i stop and resole again..but this time my feet walk slower

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  6. Beautiful, evocative. Second stanza is like feet let out of prison and breathing a sigh of relief. As a child, I loved going barefoot in the garden after a rain, dressing my feet in “mud slippers.” 🙂

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  7. I am not a poetry person, but you hooked me in right away. Good good job, evocative righting. Cheers

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  8. Wonderful, wonderful – grabs me around the ankles, pulling me down into a dark recognition of my dependency on tough soles to get through daily activities. Great description in last stanza!

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