Volumes of discussions done

Words have been ditched

Along the convenient shore

By the images we abhor 

Who Dig out words at low tide

Constantly consonant, foul on the vowel

Slipping through the hippest lips

Without a stutter, lisp,……….creating hits,

Files full of future teleprompt air

With the utmost care, fonts as thin as hair

Free verse, sometimes perverse

Or preoccupied by its own purse

Taxations on the bipolar rich and poor,

We listen to the giddy whore…. Of our own

Goofiness, measuring watchers, polling who’s there

Just when you think someone cares

We turn back to Bumblr, Facecrook

And Goofy Plus, our stick-made nook

To utter and give forth, to fish

In the stream of eternal bitching

Seems like witches burning

On the electric rotisserie, then

You try to turn it off and be free

At least given the words to disagree

But, we are in the desolate lands of the unlistenable

Discourse has been hijacked into the subliminal

17 Comments on “Debacle

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  2. Not only liked, but liked a lot. Very effective choices of words and phrases; you say so much in each! A fine piece of poetry–I’d give it an A++.

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  3. ‘Free verse, sometimes perverse, or preoccupied with its on purse,
    Taxation on the bipolar rich and poor’
    My favourite line it shows how anyone can do it and the many ways they can, all really with the same effect.

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  5. that’s what’s happening in the world right now, we’d all become, too hooked on social media, that we might as well have the needle stuck into our arms, with a case or however those illegal substances are united close by, ready for more refills, and the thing is, we all need to have self-control, to not get lured into this state of dependency that we’re all, faced with right now.

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  6. yes, I don’t speak up that much in public anymore… I’ve been behaviorally conditioned to smile and nod, and avoid chit-chat. Occasionally, there is a rare soul that I seem to be in sync with and we make complementary comments or observations, but for the most part, we’re ghosts suffering from PTSD from previous encounters.

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  7. “Without being offered an accusation in its place”. Yes. And I see this played out, not only with such things as a presidential debate, but also in our daily “discourse” with one another.

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  8. yes. rhetoric is a skill that has long been forgotten, and only the fallacies have survived for things like that presidential debacle last night. can we please just have a question answered without being offered an accusation in its’ place? it’s like watching kids at a playground say, “I know you are, but what am I?”

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  9. You give eloquent voice to what so many of us are thinking. I’m sick of debates and social media where everybody wants to talk and nobody wants to listen. As a civil servant for 24 years, under 8 different bosses, I know it is possible to wait out even the most untenable situation. 🙂

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  10. Given that we’re in the “hurricane winds” of political madness, this is painfully applicable …
    “You try to turn it off and be free
    At least given the words to disagree
    But, we are in the desolate lands of the unlistenable
    Discourse has been hijacked into the subliminal”

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