Virtual Advice


If you’re dating a dud of a download

And it’s occurring during an internet outing

Find a different server……

Don’t let a rude browser screw up your day

We can talk Facebook to Facebook,

Instant message me

No need to Skype, post, tweet, or offer me

A Goodread and get all Kindle

I will text you the same thing I’ve always texted you

It’s good to keep a few tabs open

Weed out crappy apps

Don’t let them waste space on your hard drive

Find the perfect operating system

Don’t share your network with any old device
You can’t afford to load pages slowly

Sometimes, it’s good to clear your history

Stay positive and keep updating on a regular basis

It keeps you safe from viruses

And eating too many tracking cookies

28 Comments on “Virtual Advice

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  2. This guy is quite the virtual PLAYER, huh? It’s good to keep a few tabs open, LOL! Real cookies are way better than virtual ones 🙂

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  3. Tapping glass, is there a better way? Nay, I say. From Facebook ghost to never was leaves a vapor trail of zero and one. To one and zero, just where it all began.
    Would that we could clear our history, some days.

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