Tuned into the silent bloom

Of thought….. caught

Inside an act of noise

Inside the caress of the orchid

Inside the rejection of the hyacinth

Lovers’ insomnia, a midnight language

Speaks to us in a dead lip sync,

Which is a haunting by voice

A death that communicates

Where only shapes speak……ghosts

For they know us by our lives,……however…

The living isn’t allowed to know ghosts

For our fleshy hearts are tethered to a whirl

External to the internal and out again

Only to be knocked down in the midst

Of clocks, mistuned, marked by the soft grasp

Of the unsteady continuum, linear kissing

Perhaps that was our mistake…for

Cruel are the stars, planets are dumb

We are shots through blackness

Cylindrical tubes of blood and bone

protected by a thin celluloid

A playback of memories

All sleep vanishes

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15 Responses to Awake

  1. Phil Huston says:

    Hard to turn off that cosmic radio some nights. Harder still to fine tune it…

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  2. Rae Longest says:

    This is so beautiful I’m going to print it and read it again and again. I think I’ll post it over my desk. Thank you for this poem.

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  3. Karen McGarr says:

    Beautiful, as always, love your work.

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  4. Ward Clever says:

    I was moved. This was very good!

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  6. oldepunk says:

    Another incredible piece Elan, thank you!

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  7. This is beautiful, be sure to check out some of my posts x

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  8. dornahainds says:

    Beautiful! Fierce! Passionate! Simply, Marvelous!

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  9. Lovely both the poem and the picture!

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  11. Lovely images in this poem. 🙂


  12. Shifa says:

    This is wondrously beautiful..


  13. This one really flowed well for my heart. I will never again look at the single orchid in my kitchen window without thinking about love. Thank you for sharing your amazing poetry and photography!

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