An Uncompromising Editor

Mr. Fry during a writers' workshop.
Mr. Fry during a writers’ workshop.

I feel a slight brush

Of fur and tail

upon my calves

Then, a head bunt.

Mr. Fry is concerned

About my Word document

My Scrivener, my Office Suite

PDFs and printables

Sharing and synced

Blogged, published, backed up………


My prose is threatening to verse

My verse is proposing to prose

My characters are in a state of mutiny,

My alliteration is acting like an assonance

My plot took a poop

“My dialogue sounds suspiciously like

Someone I know”, the narrator said

My enjambments are threatening to reach the right side of the page and beyond

My cliffhanger fell to its death

My denouement denounced all involvement

I’m suffering from hyperbole!!!! It’s no exaggeration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. Fry, who knows

When to place something

In the litter box

Offers his help……

Searches at my feet

Looking for stray words

I may have disregarded, for…………

He loves to bat words around

Like a plastic ball with a bell

Engaging the toy mouse muse.

He’s intent on editing.

First, it’s the tail……….chewed off

The sewn-on eyes and ears

Are the last to go,


What is left?

Left……….. is a bag with stuffing

The finished piece? 


No, for then he moans

 (He’s half Siamese)

Wanting better words

Ones that act like catnip

That make him silly with play

Taking him to a higher

Realization of Cat

To touch, to speak, to comprehend

All that is of Cat


I tell him, sorry dude

Not today,

Promising to go to the store


To pick up a treat.

I return to my scratch pad

He chews on my T.S. Eliot books.

30 Comments on “An Uncompromising Editor

  1. Absolutely wonderful 🙂 my partner has a cat, a seven year old Burmese who gets up tp all sorts of mischief, and helps me appreciate the cleverness of this poem all the more

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  2. I very much enjoyed your play with words – and the cat, too. As with many comments above mine – my cats like to help out whenever they can with well-timed yowls in moments of concentration and playful nips at my socks. Never fails to save me from my own seriousness.

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  3. I confess that I’m not a huge poetry fan, but this was very clever. Good cat – help the poor struggling writer stay on point!

    – Deandra


  4. Oh I loved this.

    It reminded me of my old boy who passed early last year who even at the age of 20 would bug me for attention yet somehow have all the answers to the problems I was dealing with. I would have preferred however that his solution to solving problems did not involve placing half a mouse – of the once living variety – at my feet, and it was never the nicer half… apparently he thought this showed that he wasn’t stupid.


  5. Reblogged this on Claudia Blood and commented:
    There were some lines I laughed my butt off. My poor plot has been in the bathroom. Lol


  6. Send Mr. Fry to my house. I could use an editor’s touch on my blog. My Lena could care less about what I write except to scratch her chin on my laptop and get cat hair all down in the keys!

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  7. I owe my two a new “birdie”; it’s beyond repair at this point. Love the Eliot finish. I must return to Old Possum.

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  8. I loved this. I live with a cat who rules my life and makes strict rules about when & where I am entitled to write. His editing is rubbish though!

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