Et Tu


Photo from

Photo from

Et Tu has been published.

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24 Responses to Et Tu

  1. Gravity says:

    Snaps snaps snaps


  2. Stunning in its simplicity!

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  3. Jon says:

    Amazing photo!

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  4. I like this can I reboot it

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  5. Beautiful image ★


  6. Phil Huston says:

    And how do you make a ewe turn? Second person becomes me and then where will you go?

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  8. Maitreyi says:

    Hi! I remember you writing a poem on ‘and’ quite some time back and I remember reading it and liking it a lot but I can’t find it on your extensive blog any longer? Have you taken it down?


  9. Madhurima says:

    The picture is beautiful. And the lines, very important .


  10. shadowfals says:

    Beautiful but terrifying! It looks as if a dimensional library is splitting open.


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