Trump’s Commandments (With personal notes from Donald Trump)

Trump Press Conference
  1. I am the Lord, thy God. (Yeah! I didn’t’ have to change that one at all. Easy money)

  2. You shall not deal with any other corporations other than mine. (Or I will force you into bankruptcy)

  3. No graven images or likenesses (Unless, I have full copyrights and ownership of those likenesses. Don’t fool around with me on this one. I’m a jealous guy and if you rip me off, I will not only punish you, but your children’s, children’s, children. That’s how I roll)

  4. Do not take my name in vain. (Or, I will tweet something horrible about you)

  5. Remember bank holidays by keeping them holy. (You will work 60 hours a week and on the pathetic excuses for a holiday, you shall do no work. Instead, you will do all your family shopping on these “holidays” using a credit card. You are to buy so much needless junk, that you, your daughter, your son, your pets, and anyone who just happens to be visiting you, will have to work harder for me!)

  6. Honor thy bank and thy real estate company. (By getting deeper in debt)

  7. Thou shall not kill (Unless, I ask you to. LOL!! It’s sweet being president!)

  8. Thou shall grab thy neighbor’s p…. (Or d…, if that’s what rocks your boat, and if you covet thy neighbor’s house just buy it and kick his ass out on the street)

  9. Thou shall not steal (I can, but you can’t. Unless, the chances are good that you will get away with it and long as it isn’t me your stealing from)

  10. You can give false testimony under oath anytime you think it’s worth it (I’ve done it plenty of times)

32 Comments on “Trump’s Commandments (With personal notes from Donald Trump)

  1. Died laughing at first commandment then the rest had me rolling.


  2. Elan, Well-composed and a fun read. Plus, on Commandment #3, not only, ‘That’s how I roll.”, but ‘That’s how I troll!’. ;-]

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  3. Ha ha! Real life often stranger than fiction. If even ten years back someone wrote about a future American President who would be like Trump, I doubt if it would have been believed.


  4. I wish I could laugh at this. If only it weren’t so true!


  5. Spooky! Trump sent you those, did he? Or did you have to climb to the top of a mountain (of money) to get them?


  6. and, all living in the U.S. will, live under HIS tyranny, and, don’t you wish, the majority voted for Clinton instead right now…


  7. Scathing! How did we get here? We are really lighting the path for someone more dangerous( not assuming he is benign). This is how democracies get overthrown when you have a bunch of lawmakers making excuses and not calling him out because they are on the bankroll. No one is talking about all the tax payers money for his getaways and these bogus claims.

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