Wound — Elan Mudrow Photography

North Head Lighthouse, Washington State

via Wound — Elan Mudrow Photography

16 Comments on “Wound — Elan Mudrow Photography

  1. Rust is kind of “undiagnosed” and beauty is a mush of sublime that squirts through your toes when the cement hasn’t finished drying. Later, you find out that it is the foundation of your house.

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  2. Rust is a beautiful thing. The next house I build for myself will use it as a natural feature material.


  3. Thank you for the reply, Elan! I’d like to visit the Pacific Northwest sometime; the lighthouses would definitely be on my to-see list!


  4. What you are looking at is a corroded hand rail in front of a door belonging to a cluster of buildings located behind the North Head Lighthouse. These buildings were built for workers and their families when lighthouses were in use. The area is where the Columbia River in the Northwest part of the USA meets the Pacific Ocean. There are few lighthouses in this area because of the treacherousness of entering the mouth of the river from the ocean.

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  5. I love the angle you took this photo from! Is that the rusted frame of an old car that takes up much of the top half of the picture? It’s very pretty.


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