Soft Fluorescence — Elan Mudrow Photography

Oregon Coast Trail, Cape Lookout, Oregon. July 21017

via Soft Fluorescence — Elan Mudrow Photography

9 Comments on “Soft Fluorescence — Elan Mudrow Photography

  1. I agree with Just Joan. There are little creatures–a soaring bird, a gingerbread man, Casper the Ghost! (so far–I’m still gazing at the gorgeous photo)

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  2. Very watery feel to this … reminds me of the ocean-viewing tunnels I’ve walked through, like the one at the San Francisco aquarium!

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  3. Thanks. I am honored, but I must pass this award up. That fact that you told me that you have been inspired is award enough for me.

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  4. That is one amazing picture, Elan. I love the greens that are “on fire” and the blue that looks like smoke rising up. I swear I see little creatures hidden in the leaves. Nice job!

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  5. Your picture makes me think I should leave my computer and go somewhere beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.


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