Spammer’s Delight

Ever look in your spam folder? I have to say that WordPress does a wonderful job diverting spam from my inbox. But, every now and then, I take a peek. The following are direct quotes, typos and all.


Spammer #1- “You know a complete lot its almost hard to argue along.”

You’re absolutely right. Don’t argue along. For that would be taking my side and I know a complete lot.


Spammer #2- “Writing manually takes a lot of time, but there is a tool for this time consuming task.”

The tool is called watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island and eating Cheetos!


Spammer #3-“I’ve got much clear idea concerning from this post”

I’m glad you’ve got much clear idea, because I’m totally confused by what you just wrote!


Spammer #4- “Why people still make use of to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is available on web?”

Things are indeed strange in this technological globe. It should be a crime to make use of to read news papers. Except they actually hire “real” journalists.


Spammer #5-  “This enables that you simply much better picture of how your business is creating. We are all human beings.”

So, that’s what my business is doing, creating. And I didn’t even know I had a business. Plus, I’m glad you cleared it up that we’re all human beings. I was beginning to wonder.


Spammer #6-“ These pieces really set a standard in the indrytus.”

I am so happy I’m setting standards somewhere.  Hello to those of you in the indrytus! I won’t let you down.


Spammer #7 “Weeeee, what a quick and easy soiunlot.”

Wasn’t that cool? Soiunlots can be so tricky.


Spammer #8 “This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any articles in rehab?”

Well, unfortunately, a couple of them have checked in to rehab. I heard they were doing well.


Spammer #9“Hey hey hey, take a gardener to what’ you’ve done.”

That’s a great idea. I’ve never thought about inviting one.


Spammer #10 “That’s a posting full of ingiths!”

Is that a good thing? Where’d they come from? I didn’t put them there.


Spammer #11 “Just do me a favor and keep writing such trnhcnaet analyses, OK?”

By all means. I’m a master of trnhcnaetian theory.


Spammer #12 “If you’re looking to buy these articles, make it way easier.”

Mmmh. I’ve never thought about buying my own posts. That indeed is easier. There, I just gave myself 10 bucks. Whoo Hoo!!!


Spammer #13- “Thanks for spending time on the computer (wiritng) so others don’t have to.”

That’s why I do this. I’m here to make it so no one else has to spend time wirting on computers.


Spammer #14- “My salad has done better this summer but just in the last couple of months when the weather improved.”

I’m so happy to hear your salad is doing better.


Spammer #15- “Continue to be down the great operate! You realize, many individuals ‘re looking near to do this facts, it is easy to aid these products.”

Roger that. I will continue to be down the great operate to aid the products.


Spammer #16- “I like to party, not look arcleits up online. You made it happen.”

I’m glad I made that happen. I wouldn’t want you to resort to looking up arcleits online.


Spammer #17- “It is possible (and frequently done) to build over 200k crop armies (aka, World Wonder armies) from a six cropper.”

You’re right. I just built a few armies last week and I only had a two cropper! Whatever that is.


Spammer #18- “Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable source? Oh well, gj!”

Well, what can I say? Poetry is more reliable. That’s all you need to know.


Spammer #19- “I’m making posts about scientific explanations behind everyday appearances.”

I knew there was something scientific behind making everyday appearances.


Spammer #20 –“Stretching is discomfort.”

I’ve told my cat the very same thing! However, he doesn’t listen and keeps on stretching! He looks pretty comfortable though.

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51 Responses to Spammer’s Delight

  1. 21stCenturyCatholic says:

    It’s like staring into the void….

    You’re a braver person than me.

    My spam folder is where sanity goes to die.

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  2. ShariMiste says:

    That was hilarious. Made my day!

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  3. sandyjwhite says:

    So gld u tacknled that spmm thng Mr. Mudrow! Carrrry on.

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  4. OMG-At least it they made a great post lol!


  5. Rather fummyu, and intertaining 2.


  6. I love those pink bricks of delight.


  7. danielleg says:

    I saw some of my spam to! I only have two but they are so odd and dont make sense.


  8. msleighm says:

    Reblogged this on msleighm and commented:
    This is a blog I wish I had a) thought to write and b) had the patience to write. Sharing!


  9. msleighm says:

    This is a blog I wish I had a) thought to write and b) had the patience to write. Sharing!

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  10. The Laughable Cheese says:

    yes the spam bots are bad at language.. technically the wordpress spam filters are probably bots better at language


  11. Mel Gutiér says:

    I don’t have this much spam yet. Thankfully, but yes! Wierd gibberish! Agreed WP does a great job. I always get a good laugh in before deleting. You’ve done an awesome job here and I’m sure we all agree it was worth the effort to highlight. Great post. No surprise! 🙂


  12. Mr Nothing says:

    I am still catching my breath from this epic hilarious post. What a fresh way to look at spam. You made it such a hose. More please.
    And, hello and thank you for visiting I know I am far too serious but your post broke my ice. I need 48, no, 60 hours in a day to do all the reading and writing and everything else. You have a marvelous blog.

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  13. Enjoyed that! Thanks for the smile today. 😊

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  14. alinabarac says:

    I sometimes check my spam folder and think where is that connection with my blog, stop sending me stuff. I don’t want it. But I do read it 😐

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  15. marple25mary says:

    Lol! Those are hilarious

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  16. curioushart says:

    This reminded me of reading some of my students’ writings–most of them were English Learners.

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  17. This is hilarious! I usually read through the spam I get and shake my head. But you put it to good use! Nicely done! 🙂

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  18. Julie Cao says:

    “trnhcnaet analyses” so hilarious! I have not looked at my spam folder in a while and I am now going to go and look for the comments. I think I will laugh it off at some of them.

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  19. Sherron0 says:

    All around fun stuff!

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  20. Wow, some of those were so bad they were funny lol
    Thanks for making my night!

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  21. Robyn Haynes says:

    Absolutely hilarious!

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  22. You made my day. Thanks.


  23. cafereading says:

    These spammers are high XD and really funny 🙂


  24. agnesmack says:

    Oh, damn, I had no idea that you writing things on the computer meant I didn’t have to write things on the computer. Thanks for taking one for the team!


  25. Jason says:

    This was soiunlot of fun to read. Thanks for sharing them 🙂


  26. I loved this post! The odd bit of spam gets through to me to and I waste considerable time trying to make sense of it before getting rid. Must confess I’ve never really seen the point of spam and was under the impression it was written by non-English-speaking people with out of date dictionaries in a cellar on the other side of the world. Mean this gibberish is actually written by robots?

    Is it possible, then, that Donald Trump is also a robot? 🙂

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  27. sherimcguinn says:

    Thank you for the out-loud-by-myself laugh.


  28. My favorite comment is the one about the salad.


  29. Not just spam, but actual posts themselves! Sometimes I wonder if I would be more helpful pointing out spelling and grammar errors in people’s work than simply giving them a like for their efforts. I’d hate to see them get bogged down though.


  30. This is genius! So hilarious!


  31. vivachange77 says:

    Good picture of “Spam”. I love your sense of humor.


  32. Did you make some of these up? People don’t read over their comments. I have been an English teacher, and I’ve seen some doozies.


    • Elan Mudrow says:

      These are not made up and they are not from real people. They are automated pieces of language by people using bots attempting to hack or pull scams on blogs. That’s why WP created spam folders. You have the same thing attached to your e-mail accounts.


  33. The idiocy of the spammers was torched by your brilliant imaginary replies. LOVED them.


  34. 😂😂 Thank you for that comedic relief in my day!

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  35. Ali Grimshaw says:

    A genuine expression of humanity co written by google translates. Delightful.

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  36. Michael Rush says:

    #8 almost made me cry laughing. If someone wants to start a crowdfund to support any of your articles in rehab I’d be happy to pitch in. Ditto for #14’s salad.


  37. Amanda says:

    Hah! Thanks for the laugh!


  38. norriscafe says:

    Spam is great while fried or boiled.


  39. Indeed a smart reply. You put it in a exciting form.😎😃

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  40. Thanks for the giggles to start my day! And for the spam education… aha, bots!

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  41. G.E.Allen says:

    Excellent. It’s good that people want to support your trnhcnaet analyses – where would we be without them?


  42. This is hilarious! I love it.
    Is it okay if I do a similar post on my blog?


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  44. rezinate says:

    Spammers – a valid argument for birth control.


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