Metamorphosis — Elan Mudrow Photography

Salmon River, Oregon. June 20, 2017

via Metamorphosis — Elan Mudrow Photography

21 Comments on “Metamorphosis — Elan Mudrow Photography

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  4. This reminds me of the bower birds we used to get in far north New South Wales, Australia. They would build bowers then try to attract females by scattering anything blue in the entrance – feathers, clothes pegs, jewellery, amazingly colourful. Then they’d carry on yelling and bawling to attract the females and display their wares!


  5. Love your photos and posts……so much can be interpreted into them depending on how one see’s them. So versatile !!

    Keep on doing what you do……I’ll be following 🙂


  6. Beautiful capture-the sun is giving the feathers an iridescent tone. Very nice!


  7. I see these occasionally on the trails. This one struck me because of how blue the feathers were as in comparison to the green moss.

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