Gandalf the Grey — Elan Mudrow Photography

Pacific Crest Trail, Three Fingered Jack, Oregon. July 2017

via Gandalf the Grey — Elan Mudrow Photography

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22 Responses to Gandalf the Grey — Elan Mudrow Photography

  1. That is a very cool–and aptly entitled–photograph!


  2. Wow — great picture — and perfectly captures the Gandalf I imagined when I first read the series in high school!

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  3. Sonderwriter says:

    such a unique photograph!

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  4. Great picture…and title!


  5. Just Joan says:

    Very spooky, like a ghost camouflaging in a tree. Three-Fingered Jack sounds familiar… wasn’t the PCT the trail in Cheryl Strayed’s book, Wild?

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  6. That’s an awesome pic!

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  7. Mel Gutiér says:

    Oooh! Reminds me of the lion’s mouth though.

    Again… flawless use of the lens babe!


  8. The Old Man says:

    perhaps just a touch of dodging and burning?


  9. thefirstdark says:

    Reblogged this on ReBirth: The Pursuit of Porsha and commented:
    !!! 😉


  10. rissilvia says:

    Absolutely stunning. The title made me giggle, but it was very apt.


  11. vivachange77 says:

    Wonderfully spooky picture.


  12. sherimcguinn says:

    I love stumps and dead trees. They hold so many stories… I have a folder of photos devoted to them.

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  13. parkdalear says:

    You are multi-talented!


  14. hafong says:

    I think of Cheryl Strayed and Wild with the mention of Pacific Crest Trail. Awesome photo.


  15. writermstone says:

    Wow! This is stunning!


  16. florenceandtheai says:

    After the Balrog, I presume? Thank you for the like. Your photography is stunning.


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