Share The Dirt

Photo by Elan

Once, flowers were placed in gun barrels

As a form of protest.

Today, a garden is needed

To keep the soil of the meadow

Soft enough for all feet to walk upon



We grow in common ground.

Share the dirt.

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44 Responses to Share The Dirt

  1. shimmy440 says:

    I like the simple brevity. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. backwardsisbetter says:

    You have crafted something so moving with so few words! Envious of your efficiency, it’s beautiful.

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  3. This was really good. “Today, a garden is needed”, aint that the truth!

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  4. Smitha V says:

    Today a garden is needed indeed. Short and so meaningful.

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  5. How do you write so well? Are you a magician?

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  6. dornahainds says:

    Excellent! 😎😎😎

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  7. Sonderwriter says:

    Incredible. Sent shivers down my spine! What a great message from such beautiful words

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  8. Diana says:

    Just gorgeous!

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  9. Mel Gutiér says:

    Oh! What you can do with lens! It makes love through the viewer and your prose seduces thoughts that resonate!

    So nice. 🙂


  10. Phil Huston says:

    One planet. One people. One day.

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  11. ivors20 says:

    So earthy and profound,

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  12. Reblogged this on davidbruceblog and commented:
    Well done. Keep everywhere weird and the dirt soft.
    Reblogged on davidbruceblog.

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  13. The Old Man says:


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  14. Beautifully expressed Elan!

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  15. GILDASPOEMS says:

    This is really beautiful.

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  16. Such a beautiful poem. Absolutely love the simplicity.

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  17. Love this and the timing couldn’t be more perfect! This poem speaks to me..

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  18. Ellora says:

    This is a really beautiful, poignant piece. You say so much with so few words, each lexical choice serving a purpose – I especially liked your use of ‘barefoot’, as it invokes a sense of nature, but also a sense of gentleness/softness/safety as they are able to walk that way without getting hurt or cut. The picture is great too; I love the vibrant colours! 🙂

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  19. vivachange77 says:

    Wonderfully positive words for our troubled times. I love the primary colors in the picture.

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  20. Mel Gutiér says:

    Sweet Elan! Please read my latest post -Unique Blogger Award. I’m only interested that you read the post as it is partly directed to you. Thanks.

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  21. Ali Grimshaw says:

    My favorite lines,
    “We grow in common ground.
    Share the dirt.”
    This says so much with few words.
    Thank you for the spirit of unity.


  22. Gardens are obviously needed!!


  23. Sigh. Thank You. So lovely.

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  24. sarahtinsley says:

    Little moments of calm in your words. Thanks.

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  25. Your poem shows that so mich can be in said in just a few powerful words👍


  26. Beautiful flower picture and poem. Well done. Followed you by e-mail


  27. Short and poignant, just like yours truly 😉 I dig it


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