Before the unfurling

The inward bloom

An artist’s fist

Compressed to the movement

Of skin and desire

Held to earth

By fragile stem

One day will

Follow the sun

Learn to lure the bee

Speak in soft flesh tones….

And landing upon transitory beauty


Only representations

Are permanent.

Form, structure, pigments.

A ghost’s body

Still holds the shape

Of hands outlined, flat

Upon the prehistoric cave

14 Comments on “Unfurling

  1. This is beautiful; it has an ethereal quality until the very end where it is so firmly grounded. Great movement and imagery- I love the line, “speak in soft flesh tones…”.

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  2. This is one of your most disciplined, therefor efficient poems. You haven’t tried for too much, but have allowed the thought to unfurl economically and beautifully. You have given something.


  3. Hi…A very well written poem with deep meanings. The unfurling here represents to me a lot and manifests itself in many forms like a newborn, an artist in making and so on.


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