Dream Fumbler — Elan Mudrow Photography

Oregon Garden, September 2017

via Dream Fumbler — Elan Mudrow Photography


Trespassing on the Horizon — Elan Mudrow Photography


Cape Horn, Columbia River Gorge, December 2017

via Trespassing on the Horizon — Elan Mudrow Photography

A Small Movement

Photo by Elan

There is a time when you know

That you have loved

With such depth….that

The effect of that sense,

Its peaks and its lows,

Lovely affections and soft underbelly

Fuses to your bones

Becomes the art of your limbs


It is the meat of you

On The Other Side Of Fire

Columbia River Gorge
December, 2017

As sure as our feet hold

To the firm ground

Winds remind us of

The shape of our bones.


Our body………

A beautiful malformation


Decorated, stretched arms

Scuffs, polished into reflection.

The sun is fast.

The river, a worm.


Car No Go

There are cruel winters, cruel summers……

You accept them as best you can

Bear them with disgruntled perseverance

Holding inside a small ache, an annoyance…….

Occasionally you yell at the weather……

A healthy madness, a mild mania…….

The day does not hear your voice…….

You shovel snow from sidewalks

Wipe the sweat from your brow

Waiting for temperate relief

A new climate of reason……

You even pray for the return

Of an older compassionate forecast…….

The meteorologist smiles at this…….

For now…….. you must

Blow heat into your hands

Hide inside your air conditioning……..