Horsethief Butte

Feel free to make representations out of your own fiction.

Be careful when you make representations of someone else’s truth.




12 Comments on “Poetics

  1. This is a beautiful picture and a wonderful history lesson. I live very close to the area you mention, but have not gone to the state park you mention. Now, I must go.


  2. Other people’s truths are often the fodder for the best fiction, along with the the tales of our own we cannot tell out of school as they were shared.

    Which is why they call it fiction. Because fiction is the Potato Head Family of assembled bits of experiential truth.

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  3. The photograph is of a Native American petroglyph. This petroglyph was removed from its original location in the Columbia River Gorge, following dam construction and the flooding of Celilo Falls. This petroglyph and others are now on public display, a collection of shards, at Horsethief Butte, Columbia Hills State Park, on the Washington State side in the eastern part of the Columbia Gorge. This particular petroglyph is of an eagle who, among other birds of prey, soar above the gorge, using the updraft winds, to hover and search for prey. When Celilo was still around, they would watch humans with avid interest, hoping to snag a free meal of salmon. The most famous of these petroglyphs is one entitled “She Who Watches”.

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