On The Other Side Of Fire

Columbia River Gorge
December, 2017

As sure as our feet hold

To the firm ground

Winds remind us of

The shape of our bones.


Our body………

A beautiful malformation


Decorated, stretched arms

Scuffs, polished into reflection.

The sun is fast.

The river, a worm.


24 thoughts on “On The Other Side Of Fire”

  1. It was very cold and windy there (Cape Horn, Washington State) yesterday. For a minute or two, I hung onto a tree trunk on the edge of a cliff, slightly scared, wishing I was sitting next to a cozy fire. Fortunately, there was a lull in the gusts.

    Thanks much!!


  2. I’m intrigued with the area of the river been known for rapids but no longer. Must be global warming? I see the waterfall close by me here dwindling seriously. We’ve been blessed with rain so it’s a bit better now.


  3. Yes, I understand, but the Columbia’s rapids went with all the dams. To the left of the photo, a few miles is the river’s first dam. Bonneville. Woody Guthrie was hired by them to write songs about the river. We used to have to sing them in grade school. Thanks!!


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