A Small Movement

Photo by Elan

There is a time when you know

That you have loved

With such depth….that

The effect of that sense,

Its peaks and its lows,

Lovely affections and soft underbelly

Fuses to your bones

Becomes the art of your limbs


It is the meat of you

37 Comments on “A Small Movement

  1. At first I wondered if this was a true poem or just words. Then I thought of a lifetime love of God and could see it. Evocative and provocative. More than “liked,” felt.


  2. “Lovely affections and soft underbelly, Fuses to your bones”, You’ve somehow knowingly, touched all my senses.


  3. just that knowledge has kept me faithful to M’Lady for going on 25 years.


  4. WOW! I love these lines, Elan: “Fuses to your bones / Becomes the art of your limbs / / It is the meat of you.” It turns deep love over time into an entity as tangible as the shape of one’s own flesh. And the shape of our flesh, whatever shape that might be, is appreciated as art. That final line was like placing the last piece in a well-designed puzzle. 🙂

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  5. Brilliant work! I especially liked the half-rhyme of ‘lows’ and ‘bones’; it created a great sense of rhythm. 🙂

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