Being poetic can be accidental


Being a poet is no accident


21 Comments on “Known

  1. LOL… that’s funny about the favorite book! I don’t want to cause you to have a nervous breakdown! 😉 I know you don’t “accept”them, but I still wanted you to know you were thought of, and let others know of your incredible work! I meant it when I said you’re my favorite photography on WP! 🙂 God bless you, Elan!

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  2. Gail, I can’t thank you enough for your nomination. But again, I must decline my acceptance. If I had to answer a question of what is my favorite book, I would have a nervous breakdown feeling sorry for the all the books that didn’t get chosen!

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  3. Elan, i have nominated you for the Entertainer Blogger Award. Please note that I was a bit lengthy in the post, but wrote a special small note beside each nominee. Congrats and God bless you! PS… LOVE this pic!


  4. So, so, so true. Applies equally to any life pursuit doesn’t it? Lovely picture too. Best wishes.


  5. An intriguing point.
    The same could be said for other self contained creations of art, like, say, a photograph and a photographer or a meal and a chef.


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