Search Engine

Google has us frozen

Inside an eternal summer

Where shadows are fixed

Caught in a looping noon

Where our cursor stalks ghosts

Following the red minivan

Unintentionally caught

By all of us who watch

With the strangest interest

For nothing to happen.

Its license plate blurred

Until that uncaptured turn

Out of noon, onto another street.


You pass me by with your cursor 

I am here in the garden

Walking to the store, riding my bike

It’s warm today

But then, it’s always warm here.

I am all you’ve detected

Everything you’ve made me into

As part of your search

My face blurred

I am anyone and everyone

Busy with sun and shadow

I’m where you think I should be

I’m who you think I should be

Until you move your curser

Further from my street

Where noon will lose me



25 Comments on “Search Engine

  1. Too many people are fixated on the pages they are sharing their poetry on, instead of going out in the world and finding inspirations to write about in the first place.

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  2. Nicely expressed, Elan. Sorry I haven’t contributed for the past few months. Had to find a new place to live and then dump 85% of a lifetime of stuff, then pack and move, and, and and … now I live on a faceless street…..

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  3. I suppose, though I’ve never actually played any game in that series. Going along with your game analogy, I’d say it’s more like an MMO, at least, to me, considering all the other players – too many to pay close attention to, so they’re merely there in the background.


  4. On a similar note, I wonder if some people are uncomfortable knowing they might be in a picture on Google Maps…

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  5. What I find most striking about your poem is the facelessness of the people and cars in Google Maps images. The unknown ones, if you will. I never thought about it this way…

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  6. I deserved so much more judgment for the cheese in my last comment. You have alot of self control and I appreciate that ☺

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  7. That’s a fair message. I took it as a criticism, that of the media affecting our opinions of places we’ve never been and squeing them for those we know. Like the maps themselves you can view this piece from many angles 🤣

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  8. Thanks. It’s really its own world. You can take my poem as a criticism or just an observation. Perhaps, it’s more about how we are in a constant state of judging one another?? Or even, judging ourselves.


  9. I love this. I always feel uneasy tracing a route on a sunny day on my screen as the rain hammers down outside. It’s always sunny in silicon valley with clocks stopped at quarter to three

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  10. I wonder if cars in driveways on Google ever cause distress for the people living in the houses who don’t really own that car …
    This is a great poetic snapshot of a snapsho!

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