Long-stemmed daffodils, whose faces are flushed by a cold spring storm, act as if their lover, the sun, has left too early and is done.

Flowers like drunken ladies, brazen young daisies, mouths full of desperate drink, mistake their first kiss for a one-night stand, a near miss.

Still held high by our admiring eye, ‘quisitive camera is not too shy, we share a photo of their distress, for a thousand or so views, no less.

Even though it’s a trick of mirrors, we know the sun eventually reappears. Our gaze, tense upon the fragile reflections of Narcissus, for it is blossom’s desire we yearn to witness.




It rolls and rumbles out of you

Like you don’t understand the fuss

But you do, ‘cause you feel the buzz

For it holds your curves and your nerves

Connects you to the low frequency

Keeping you off the high wire

And that damned freaky ass moon

Tells it like it is,

Especially when what it is

Is hard to tell

Holds you motionless while you’re moving

Cries at movies, laughs at crying

It’s a hum that extends out to your fingers

It’s that touch you have that lingers

Oh, don’t get it wrong it can sing a bad song

Blurts at the wrong moment

Flirts with the wrong moment

Wears a queer color of eyeshadow

Can even be downright shallow

It’s that smudge you’re marked with

Can even throw a big, juicy, fat fit

But it’ll dig down with you for the long term, the big view

It says,

“If I were you, you’d be me

We’re made for each other, you see”

It’s in your pocket like lint

You had better get used to it

So, give it all the love you’ve got

For it’s in the shape of you, is it not?



Chainsaw (Portrait 12)

Open to the air are rings measuring my past. It was you who told me once, I have depth. (Yes, you did say that.) A culmination of sense growing under thickened hide, a comforter of bark, a cloak of wood.

And you must remember, when the snow hit hardest, that one time, my skin, my essence, lost its protection, but, only for an instant. I internalized the cold, and for once I thought I was just like everyone else.

Normal. Like I could feel.

That’s when my lips showed their reddest. As if I bit my tongue, but I have no real fangs, as you once wished, and in regaining my composure, I drooled like a fool for you, my saliva drying upon me, leaving streaks upon that depth you said I had. For, I believed you. That was my mistake. And you believed yourself. That was also my mistake.

You see,

I’m not elusive enough to avoid cracks, internal or external. Laughter and tears are methods to expel your illusions. At this time, I could only ask you to see, to take the time to count my rings, for my shadows are a part of the sun. You will find we have a kindred compassion. You breathe me. I breathe you.


Your hand firm upon the chainsaw.


Only through our vulnerabilities  

Can we speak of ourselves

Where no genders build language

Where no categories structure

Your reaction to my voice…..

My reaction to your voice.

Either of us can be the words

Slicing into the coolness

Of our combined angers…..

Of our singular gentleness