Alternating — Elan Mudrow Photography

Mt. Tabor, Portland Oregon, February, 2018

via Alternating — Elan Mudrow Photography

12 Comments on “Alternating — Elan Mudrow Photography

  1. Your title led me to look over this image. clever. thanx for the fine job. g.r.

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  2. I love how the light peeks through in the lantern. It’s like it’s saying “It’s in me even if I’m surrounded by darkness. Thank you.


  3. It’s a very emotional picture. Can’t really tell why but the trees and the lantern make the entire scene seem sad or lonely. Nonetheless, it is a great picture!

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  4. I’ve missed coming here.

    The lantern blends in. I can’t tell if the light is a reflection of another light source or if it is lit within. In any case, that little hint of light whispering out into the shadowy nature is quite poetic. Love it!

    Hugs young man! Hope you’re well.

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  5. I enjoy pictures like this one very much. We find so much in creation that says so much and shows the powerful.hand of God. Yet a little light from a lantern shows the light through the darkness.

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