Fallen Lantern — Elan Mudrow Photography

Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Oregon, March 2018

via Fallen Lantern — Elan Mudrow Photography

21 Comments on “Fallen Lantern — Elan Mudrow Photography

  1. Oh, you were looking at Fallen Lantern. Sorry about that. You will see that it’s down on the ground lying on some moss. That’s why it’s “Fallen”. If I were to switch it around. One it would be just another closeup of a flower. Two. It would not produce the allegory which is kind of like a puzzle piece for you to figure out. Take care!


  2. I think they’ve planted these in Heligan Gardens, over in UK, of all things. At least, they mentioned the rare Skunk Cabbage when I was on a tour and I thought, which one? I’ve only seen the reddish one, so cool to see a yellow bloom.

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  3. Fallen Lantern – Skunk Cabbage, also known by its poetic name Swamp Lantern, blooms a bright yellow spathe in March. This attracts insects for pollination and sometimes bears. (if you’re unlucky enough to run into a particularly hungry one). If you are inside the dark canopy of a temperate rain forest in March and come across a swampy area, created by slow moving or backed up water from a stream, you can see them dot the landscape, giving the forest a bit of a science fiction feel. This spadix and spathe had been uprooted, most likely by a human intruder (like me) and laid gently upon some very happy, wet, and sunny moss.

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  4. Magnificent, whichever direction it points, it is elegant, yellow makes me smile. Isn’t it just perfect this flower!!!

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  5. I would say East, but I was lying down at the time. I might just have been lying about that though.

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