Long-stemmed daffodils, whose faces are flushed by a cold spring storm, act as if their lover, the sun, has left too early and is done.

Flowers like drunken ladies, brazen young daisies, mouths full of desperate drink, mistake their first kiss for a one-night stand, a near miss.

Still held high by our admiring eye, ‘quisitive camera is not too shy, we share a photo of their distress, for a thousand or so views, no less.

Even though it’s a trick of mirrors, we know the sun eventually reappears. Our gaze, tense upon the fragile reflections of Narcissus, for it is blossom’s desire we yearn to witness.


18 Comments on “Perennial

  1. luvverly jubbly poem and piccy celebration – Flower’s heads don’t go down in our sense, they’re just looking for the Sun through the Earth, it’s always shining somewhere, they know that

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  2. The picture is wholly disconcerting, as beautiful as it is…same for the poem. It stirs memories of youthful misadventures I’d never want to relive. I appreciate a piece that can make me squirm.

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  4. Gorgeous poetry here, Elan, and amazing oblique rhymes. A mentor of mine said rhyme works best when it springs out at you, a surprise. Yours does just that. 🙂


  5. I have always enjoyed poetry which makes me smile, makes me feel good.
    Some are deep with content and intent, while others are evoking.
    Thank you Elan, for the most profound message I’ve heard all day.

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