A Symmetrical — Elan Mudrow Photography

Trail topography can be a strange combination of nature and newness. This photo is a rotated pic of a footbridge crossing the Skipanon River. The bridge’s laser-precise wooden planks and glossy machinist bolts contrasts what lies outside the frame. Lush, wild, rain forest. Only the sun’s shadows give clue to a nature that lies beyond.

via A Symmetrical — Elan Mudrow Photography

10 Comments on “A Symmetrical — Elan Mudrow Photography

  1. I feel a strange giddiness every time I look at this photo.. amazing sense of choosing perspectives 🙂


  2. Holy mackerel, I had to twist my head to see the bridge. Very cool…the title made me see the A in the shadows, that was clever. Thanks.


  3. Kind of a cool paradox. The bridge that leads to the living forest is made from trees (perhaps the same trees that are in the forest?) made into wood.

    I like that the photo’s on its side, too. The shadows falling on it are cool.


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